A comparison study on Vehicle Detection in Far Infrared and Regular Images


Robust knowledge about other vehicles around the ego-vehicle is fundamental for most advanced driver assistance systems. Typically, this task is solved by radar, lidar, mono or stereo camera systems. To get a higher accuracy,... [ view full abstract ]


David Savastürk (Daimler AG, Research & Development), Bjoern Froehlich (Daimler AG, Research & Development), Nicolai Schneider (IT-Designers GmbH), Markus Enzweiler (Daimler AG, Research & Development), Uwe Franke (Daimler AG, Research & Development)

Topic Areas

Driver Assistance Systems , Sensing, Vision, and Perception


Th-B4 » Driver Assistance Systems III (11:25 - Thursday, 17th September, Tenerife)