Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Mismatch Between Planned Road Infrastructure and Traffic Demand in Large Cities


As large cities evolve in time, the traffic demand and the road network adapt to the mutually presented changes by each other. As a result of this process, previously planned roads and intersections that were designed... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jordan Ivanchev (TUM CREATE)
  2. Heiko Aydt (TUM CREATE)
  3. Alois Knoll (TU M)

Topic Areas

Data Mining and Data Analysis , Network Modeling , Simulation and Modeling , Theory and Models for Optimization and Control , Traffic Theory for ITS , Travel Information, Guidance and Demand Management , Demand Estimation , Road Traffic Management , Traffic Flow Modelling and Control


Th-A8 » Demand Estimation (09:50 - Thursday, 17th September, San Borondón B2)