Driver Assistance Control based on Model Predictive Computation of Constraint Satisfaction


The driver assistance control needs to satisfy the safety and acceptability requirements. These two requirements sometimes may conflict with each other depending on the situation and driver. In order to resolve this problem,... [ view full abstract ]


Takuma Yamaguchi (Nagoya University), Tatebe jumpei (Nagoya University), Hiroyuki Okuda (Nagoya University), Yuichi Tazaki (Nagoya University), Tatsuya Suzuki (Nagoya University), Takafumi Ito (DENSO CORPORATION ), Kenji Muto (DENSO CORPORATION )

Topic Areas

Advanced Vehicle Safety Systems , Cooperative Techniques and Systems , Driver Assistance Systems , Pre-Collision System


Th-A1 » Advanced Vehicle Safety Systems IV (09:50 - Thursday, 17th September, San Borondón B3)