Occlusion-robust pedestrian tracking in crowded scenes


This paper focuses on tracking in typical traffic monitoring scenarios with emphasis on handling occlusions caused by trees, lampposts and cables. We extend the existing TRracking with Occlusion handling and Drift correction... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jeroen Van Gastel (Eindhoven University of Technology)
  2. Matthijs Zwemer (Eindhoven University of Technology)
  3. Rob Wijnhoven (ViNotion B.V.)
  4. Peter H.N. de With (Eindhoven University of Technology)

Topic Areas

Sensing, Vision, and Perception , Traffic Control , Traffic Flow Modelling and Control


We-B9 » Special Session - Computer Vision and Imaging Systems in Transportation II (13:40 - Wednesday, 16th September, San Borondón B1)