Analysis of 3D-vMFDs in the cities of Zurich and San Francisco


In this paper we are studying the trade-off of urban road space dedicated to cars and buses (or trams) in two cities: Zurich and San Francisco. We employ the three-dimensional vehicle Macroscopic Fundamental Diagrams (3D-vMFD)... [ view full abstract ]


javier ortigosa (ETH Zurich), Nan Zheng (EPFL), Monica Menendez (ETH Zurich), Nikolas Geroliminis (EPFL)

Topic Areas

Multi-modal ITS , Network Modeling , Simulation and Modeling , Smart Mobility , Road Traffic Management , Traffic Control


Tu-B02 » WS02 Advancements in Multimodal Traffic Modeling, Monitoring and Control II (10:50 - Tuesday, 15th September, San Borondón B1)