Vulnerable Road Users Detection using V2X Communications


Vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communications allow to sharing real-time information among the vehicles that circulate on the nearby road areas. These communications systems are today in an early stage of development and the effort... [ view full abstract ]


  1. José J. Anaya (INSIA-Technical University of Madrid)
  2. Edgar Talavera (INSIA-Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
  3. David Giménez (INSIA-)
  4. Nuria Gómez (University Institute for Automobile Research (INSIA), Campus Sur UPM)
  5. Jiménez Felipe (INSIA-Technical University of Madrid)
  6. Jose Eugenio Naranjo (INSIA-Technical University of Madrid)

Topic Areas

Cooperative Techniques and Systems , Driver Assistance Systems


Tu-B02 » WS02 Advancements in Multimodal Traffic Modeling, Monitoring and Control II (10:50 - Tuesday, 15th September, San Borondón B1)