Barriers to Goal-Concordant Care for Older Patients with Acute Surgical Illness

Lauren Taylor

University of Wisconsin Department of Surgery

Lauren Taylor is a general surgery resident at the University of Wisconsin. She is currently a research fellow in the Wisconsin Surgical Outcomes Research (WiSOR) program under the mentorship of Dr. Margaret (Gretchen) Schwarze investigating ways to improve high-stakes decision making for older adults.


Introduction: Decision aids are designed to facilitate difficult clinical decisions by providing better treatment information. However, these interventions may not be sufficient to effectively reveal patient values and promote... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Lauren Taylor (University of Wisconsin Department of Surgery)
  2. Sara Johnson (University of Wisconsin)
  3. Michael Nabozny (University of Wisconsin Department of Surgery)
  4. Nicole Steffens (Denver Public Health)
  5. Jennifer Tucholka (University of Wisconsin Department of Surgery)
  6. Kristine Kwekkeboom (University of Wisconsin)
  7. Karen Brasel (Oregon Health and Science University)
  8. Toby Campbell (University of Wisconsin)
  9. Margaret (Gretchen) Schwarze (University of Wisconsin Department of Surgery)

Topic Areas

Prevalence and drivers of overuse , Shared decision making and patient-reported outcomes , Overuse in the care of the elderly and at end of life


OS-2 » Oral Presentations: Shared-Decision Making (14:30 - Friday, 5th May, Salons 4 & 5)