The (Dis)locations of Latina/o Studies: The Varied Institutional Struggles to Build Intentional Academic Spaces


The struggle to expand and transform academia for historically excluded populations and create a discipline that critically investigates issues relevant to them continues to challenge many colleges and universities in the 21st... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Magdalena Barrera (San Jose State University)
  2. Alexandro Jose Gradilla (California State University, Fullerton)
  3. Irene Vasquez (San Jose State University)
  4. Irene Vasquez (University of New Mexico)
  5. Anita Revilla (University of Nevada Las Vegas)
  6. Beatriz E. Tapia (East Los Angeles College)

Topic Areas

Cultural Studies , Feminist and Women's Studies , Gender Studies , Latinidades , Social Science--Quantitative , Afro-Latino , Asian-Latino , Brazilian , Central American , Chicano/a -- Mexican , Cuban , Dominican , Jewish-Latino Studies , Puerto Rican


EDU-6 » Roundtable (3:30pm - Thursday, 7th July, Sierra Madre)

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