Opacity as Creative Freedom: Writers on Latinidad


Moderator: Karen Christian This writers’ roundtable will engage a group of Latin@ authors who defy easy classification and whose work pushes the limits of latinidad. In effect, they are models of opacity, a concept... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Karen Christian (California Polytechnic State University)
  2. Cecile Pineda (Independent Author)
  3. Elias Munoz (Independent Author)
  4. Helena Viramontes (Cornell University)
  5. achy obejas (Mills College)

Topic Areas

Cultural Studies , Gender Studies , Latinidades , Literature and Literary Studies , Sexuality , Transnational , Afro-Latino , Cuban , Humanities


LIT-13 » Roundtable (3:30pm - Saturday, 9th July, Los Feliz)

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