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Diane Parente

Penn State University - The Behrend College

Diane H. Parente (Ph.D. University at Buffalo) is Breene Professor, Black School at Penn State Erie.  Her research and teaching interests are interdisciplinary including supply chain management from a multi-functional perspective, and the strategic impact of cross-functional processes. She has published in IJOPM, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, Health Care Management Review, Psychological Reports, and IRMJ, among others.   She is Program Chair for Interdisciplinary programs in the Black School including Interdisciplinary Business & Engineering, International Business, and is co-director of the Masters in Manufacturing Management. Dr. Parente has previous industry experience in a variety of functional and cross-functional positions. 


The hierarchy of learning is clear in that retention of content is roughly 5% using lecture while practice doing is 75%. The question then is how do we use our class presentation to move down the hierarchy to attain a higher... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Diane Parente (Penn State University - The Behrend College)

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