Understanding the Micro-Society of an Online Classroom: Increasing student engagement in a large-capacity, synchronous, online course


Indiana University

Joyce Jewell is Lecturer in Communications, Professional, and Computer Skills, and since 2015 has been the Aldi Distinguished Lecturer, at Indiana University-Bloomington, Kelley School of Business. She has been chair of the Kelley Jumbo Class Committee for the past three years, which is dedicated to improving the pedagogy and practical aspects of teaching large-capacity classes, as well as providing support for faculty who teach these classes. She received her Juris Doctor from Indiana University Maurer School of Law and is a practicing attorney. She is currently a Master of Science candidate in Cybersecurity Risk Management at Indiana University-Bloomington.  


Delivering a high-quality live, online course for large-capacity sections takes special consideration and understanding of how this delivery system will impact the ways in which students will engage with the course. Too... [ view full abstract ]


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