A Student-Driven Process and Novel Technique Used in Framing Survey Topics

Richard Grenci

John Carroll University

Dr. Richard Grenci is an Associate Professor in the Boler School of Business at John Carroll University. He received a PhD in Management Information Systems from the University of Texas at Austin, held prior faculty positions at the University of Virginia and Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and served as chairperson of Boler’s Management, Marketing, and Supply Chain Department. Rick’s teaching interests include business intelligence, marketing, and entrepreneurship; and his research interests span from web-enabled customization to information technology pedagogy. He has published articles in various outlets including Communications of the ACM, Business Horizons, and the Journal of Information Systems Education.


The introductory information systems course in business core curricula often presents a survey of topics. Like in many survey courses, the topical (and textbook) coverage can be disconnected from a unifying framework. This... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Richard Grenci (John Carroll University)

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