Examining the Opportunities and Challenges of Augmented and Virtual Reality in Higher Education

Jeff Zhang

Ball State Unviersity

Dr. Jeff (Yong) Zhang is currently an assistant professor and International Student Academic Advisor of the Computer Science Department at Ball State University. Dr. Zhang co-authored 14 referred journal articles. His primary research interests are in the software project tracking and planning, e-Learning, e-Government and social informatics. Dr. Zhang is mainly teaching CS1/CS2, Computer Organization and Architecture, and Human computer Interface for the Computer Science Department at Ball State University. Beyond his teaching and research, he has been providing academic advising to the undergraduate international students majoring computer science since 2010.  


 AR and VR provide students an overlay of rich media onto the real world for viewing applications or situations through Web3D enabled devices, such as phones and tablets. AR and VR present a live view of a physical,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jeff Zhang (Ball State Unviersity)

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