Some Insights on Scaling Analytical Experimental Learning Projects in Schools of Business

Matthew Lanham

Purdue University

Matthew is a Clinical Assistant Professor at Purdue Universities’ Krannert School of Management and Co-Founder/Chief Data Scientist of Biz Analytics Lab, LLC in Lafayette, IN. He is the course coordinator and teacher for the Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, and Using R for Analytics courses within Krannert, and spends most of his time obtaining and mentoring experimental learning projects for students within Purdue’s M.S. in Business Analytics & Information Management (BAIM) program.


This talk provides insights and live-and-learn lessons when considering changing your classroom environment from a traditional class to one that is heavily experimental learning focused. The motivation for this talk comes from... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Matthew Lanham (Purdue University)

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ITL-1 » Innovative Teaching & Learning (09:30 - Friday, 13th April, Conrail Station)



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