A Machine Learning Approach To Estimating Oil Demand

Jou Tzu Kao

Purdue University

Jou-Tzu Kao graduated from the Soochow University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2014. After graduation, she started her career as a teaching assistant at Soochow University. Now, she is candidate in Business Analytics and Information Management at Purdue University.

Rong Liao

Purdue University

Alice is a Master’s business analytics specialist who is sensitive to data, experienced at using advanced analytics to uncover hidden insights, and able to produce reliable decisions and results. She has over two years of experience as a risk consultant (HKICPA exam passed) at KPMG closely working with banks and security firms to identify business opportunity and mitigate risk.

Hongxia Shi

Purdue University

Hongxia is a MS student in Business Analytics and Information Management (BAIM) program at Purdue University, specialized in data/business analysis. She has won several prestigious case competitions where she developed technical solutions which transformed into actionable business insights for world-class companies.

Joseph Tsai

Purdue University

Joseph Tsai graduated from National Taiwan University with a bachelor’s degree in Bio-Industry Communications and Development, a program which emphasizes digital communications and strategic marketing. After graduation, Joseph served as an operation assistant in Taipei’s Fire Department, and worked as an international sales consultant for Pacific Hospital Supply, the largest disposable medical device company in Taiwan. In the future, Joseph would like to explore new possibilities to implement data analysis in corporate strategy.

Shenyang Yang

Purdue University

Shenyang Yang is a Master student in the Business Analytics and Information Managment program in Purdue Univerisity.Before coming to Purdue, she has a Bachalor and Master degree of Electrical Enginering.


Predicting future liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) demands is of great importance, as it can help shipping companies to optimize routing plans, commodity traders to determine the precise timing to sell/purchase products, and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jou Tzu Kao (Purdue University)
  2. Rong Liao (Purdue University)
  3. Hongxia Shi (Purdue University)
  4. Joseph Tsai (Purdue University)
  5. Shenyang Yang (Purdue University)

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