Optimal Clustering of Products for Regression-Type and Classification-Type Predictive Modeling for Assortment Planning

Raghav Tamhankar

Purdue University

I am a Masters Candidate in Business Analytics and Information Management at Purdue University (graduating May’ 18). My areas of interest are Strategy Consulting, Data Analytics and Marketing analytics. I got my MBA in Marketing, Strategy and Finance from UCR in 2017.Having spent 1.5 years working in both industry and academia - analyzing data, recommending strategies, managing teams and guiding young scholars, I discovered that I enjoy solving problems, providing solutions and mentoring people. I have experience in diverse industrial sectors including healthcare, retail, finance, telecom, education, product development, technology and web data analytics.


In collaboration with a national retailer, this study assessed the impact on sales prediction accuracy by including sparse demand product clusters to identify best prediction scenarios, whether regression-problem or... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Raghav Tamhankar (Purdue University)
  2. Sanchit Khattar (Purdue University)
  3. Xiangyi Che (Purdue University)
  4. Siyu Zhu (Purdue University)
  5. Matthew Lanham (Purdue University)

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