A Close Look into Supplier Policy Changes in Response to Their Buyers' Financial Stress

Jamol Abdiev

Eastern Illinois University

Jamol Abdiev has been working towards his MBA degree at Eastern Illinois University. Before joining MBA program, he worked as a financial risk officer at Korea Development Bank for two years. He co-authored one published paper in the field of Accounting and a second paper in Accounting has been accepted to the 2018 MBAA - North American Accounting Society meeting in Chicago, IL.   


Trade credit, the credit extended to buyers by suppliers who let them to buy now and pay later, is an important financing method for many buyers. Any policy change by buyers in accounts payable, a measure for trade credit,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Gurkan Akalin (Eastern Illinois University)
  2. Jamol Abdiev (Eastern Illinois University)

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SCM-5 » Supply Chain Management - 5 (10:45 - Saturday, 14th April, Haymarket Station A)



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