Development of a Business Analytics Program: A Case Study with Lessons Learned

Herbert Remidez

University of Dallas

Herbert Remidez is an Associate Professor at the University of Dallas. He established the Master of Science in Business Analytics program at the University of Dallas. Previously, he served as the Associate Dean for Professional Development at the University of Dallas. Dr. Remidez has taught courses in predictive modeling, data management, quantitative methods, advanced business analytics, IT project management, IT program management and IT strategy and governance. Herbert’s research interests include machine learning, predictive analytics, and aggregating information to improve project duration and cost estimates.


Demand for degree programs providing data analytics knowledge and skills to support business decision makers has grown steadily in the recent few years. Institutions wanting to implement programs in this area, must carefully... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Herbert Remidez (University of Dallas)
  2. Sri Beldona (University of Dallas)

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