Disruptive Innovation & Sustainable Value: The Implications of Disruptive Innovation on the Outcome of RE Businesses in Developed Economies

Yohannes Haile

Penn State University - The Behrend College

Yohannes Haile's teaching & research interest include innovations (technology & business model innovations), entrepreneurship, product & process development, advanced manufacturing methods, strategic management, systems, control, and energy engineering. He holds a Ph.D. in Management Sustainable System Design from Case Western Reserve University, MBA from Bowling Green State University, M.Sc. in Energy Engineering, and B. Sc. In Mechanical Engineering from University of Massachusetts – Lowell.


Disruptive Innovations such as wireless communication business model innovations deployed by Airbnb and Uber have changed the value propositions and value creation of long established and emerging businesses. In this paper... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Yohannes Haile (Penn State University - The Behrend College)
  2. Diane Parente (Penn State University - The Behrend College)

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