Optomechanical Kerker effect

Alexander Poshakinskiy

Ioffe Institute

Alexander Poshakinskiy graduated from St. Petersburg Academic University in 2014. He performed his PhD studies at the Ioffe Institute (St. Petersburg, Russia) and received the PhD degree in 2017. Now he continues his work as a researcher in the Sector of theory of quantum coherent phenomena in solids at the Ioffe Institute. The research interests lie in the fields of spin physics, excitonic effects in semiconductor nanostructures, and resonant optomechanics.


The ability to control the direction, frequency, and polarization of the scattered light is essential for operation of antennas, routing of light, and design of topologically protected optical states. For visible light... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Alexander Poshakinskiy (Ioffe Institute)
  2. Alexander Poddubny (Ioffe Institute)

Topic Areas

Metamaterials , Nano-Optomechanics


OS3b-1 » Nano-Optomechanics (16:40 - Wednesday, 3rd October, ROOM 1)

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