Attojoule Modulators for Photonic Neuromorphic Computing

Volker Sorger

George Washington University

Volker J. Sorger is an associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and leading the Orthogonal Physics Enabled Nanophotonics lab at the George Washington University. He received his PhD from the University of California Berkeley. His research areas include opto-electronic devices, plasmonics and nanophotonics, including novel materials, and photonic information processors to include neuromorphic and analogue computing. Dr. Sorger is a member of the Board-of-Meetings at OSA and SPIE serving as the OSA division chair for Photonics and Optoelectronics. Lastly, he is the editor-in-chief for the journal 'Nanophotonics', and senior member of IEEE, OSA, and SPIE.


Neuromorphic networks are computational algorithms and network models inspired by signal processing in the brain with societal-relevant applications in machine-learning such as speech and image recognition, non-linear... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jonathan George (George Washington University)
  2. Amin Mehrabian (George Washington University)
  3. Rubab Armin (George Washington University)
  4. Tarek El-Ghazawi (George Washington University)
  5. Paul Prucnal (Princeton University)
  6. Volker Sorger (George Washington University)

Topic Areas

Optics and transport on 2D materials , Nonlinear nano-optics , Strong light-matter interactions at the nanoscale


IS1b-1 » Strong light-matter interactions at the nanoscale (16:35 - Monday, 1st October, ROOM 1)

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