Raman of Nano-objects at subwavelength scales


Our group develops an original approach combining an Atomic Force Microscope and a confocal-Raman microscope, where AFM microscope is used either to image and to manipulate nano-particles under the confocal optical microscope... [ view full abstract ]


  1. bernard Humbert (IMN J Rouxel-Univ Nantes)
  2. Angélina D'orlando (INRA Nantes)
  3. Maxime Bayle (IMN J Rouxel-Univ Nantes)
  4. Guy Louarn (IMN J Rouxel-Univ Nantes)

Topic Area

Enhanced spectroscopy and sensing


OS1a-1 » Enhanced spectroscopy and sensing (15:00 - Monday, 1st October, ROOM 1)

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