Combined effect of Etched diameter and thickness of Reduced Graphene Oxide coating on the sensitivity of Fiber Bragg Grating sensors for DNA application


Etched Fiber Bragg Grating (eFBG) sensors find applications in various fields. Etching of sensors and coating of nano materials over them is a widely researched field. Etching of sensors to improve their sensitivity to the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Kavitha Srinivasan (Indian Institute Of Science, Bengaluru)
  2. Asokan Sundarrajan (Indian Institute Of Science, Bengaluru)
  3. Radhika Nambannor (Indian Institute Of Science, Bengaluru)

Topic Areas

Optics and transport on 2D materials , Enhanced spectroscopy and sensing , Optical sensing from solid state to bio-medicine


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