Stabilization of quantum dots on modified natural aluminosilicate nanotubes for biological application

Andrei Novikov

Gubkin University

Andrei A. Novikov, Ph.D. in Chemistry, is a Senior scientist, and Assistant professor at Dept. of Physical and Colloid Chemistry, Gubkin University, Moscow, Russia.He is teaching the classes: "Physical Chemistry", "Kinetics and Catalysis", "Surface Phenomena and Disperse Systems", "Biotechnology in Oil and Gas Industry", "Advanced Physical Chemistry". Under his supervision, 2 master's theses are presented each year.His research group develops express methods of identification of microbes, including lipid analysis and SERS studies. Interests: metrology, regression analysis, and developing the scripts in GNU/Octave and Matlab for automated spectra processing.


IntroductionMetal chalcogenides quantum dots (MChQDs) are of great interest due to tunable optical properties depending on the size and chemical composition. MChQDs for bioimaging are often synthesized using the complicated... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Anna Stavitskaya (Gubkin University)
  2. Andrei Novikov (Gubkin University)
  3. Elvira Rozhina (Kazan Federal University)
  4. Fereshtech Pouresmaeil (Gubkin University)
  5. Danila Logvinenko (Gubkin University)
  6. Pawel Gushchin (Gubkin University)
  7. Rawil Fakhrullin (Kazan Federal University)
  8. Yuri Lvov (Louisiana Tech University)
  9. Vladimir Vinokurov (Gubkin University)

Topic Area

Quantum dots and colour centres


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