Time-resolved four-wave mixing using Laguerre-Gauss modes


We perform four-wave mixing (FWM) experiments using Laguerre-Gauss (LG) beams and give a description of the signal generation. Usual FWM setup use non-collinear beams that are characterized by their wave-vectors k2 and k1.... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Pierre Gilliot (CNRS-IPCMS)
  2. Marc Ziegler (CNRS-IPCMS)
  3. Bernd Hönerlage (University of Strasbourg - IPCMS)
  4. Mathieu Gallart (University of Strasbourg - IPCMS)

Topic Areas

Optical properties of nanostructures , Nonlinear nano-optics , Enhanced spectroscopy and sensing


OS3b-A » Enhanced spectroscopy and sensing (16:40 - Wednesday, 3rd October, AUDITORIUM)

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