Control of light emission by diamond nanoantennas

Anastasia Zalogina

ITMO University

Area of interests: all-dielectric nanophptonics, single photon sources, emission rate control. At this momnet I'm going for research about single photon sources based on nandodiamonds with NV centers at Nanophotonics and Metamaterial laboratory in ITMO University. 


One of the main motivations for the development of dielectric nanophotonics is the ability to control light on nanoscale through excitation of both electric and magnetic Mie-type resonances. In particular, control of optical... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Anastasia Zalogina (ITMO University)
  2. Dmitry Zuev (ITMO University)
  3. Roman Savelev (ITMO University)
  4. Ilya Shadrivov (Australian National University)

Topic Areas

Optical properties of nanostructures , Quantum dots and colour centres , Strong light-matter interactions at the nanoscale


OS3a-2 » Quantum dots and colour centres (14:30 - Wednesday, 3rd October, ROOM 2)

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