Pixel-level Microsecond Electrical Switching of Infrared Transparent Phase Change Materials

Vladimir Liberman

MIT Lincoln Lab

Dr. Vladimir Liberman received the A. B. degree in Physics from Princeton University in 1986, the Ph. D. degree in Applied Physics from Columbia University in 1991 and completed his postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Currently, he is a staff scientist at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, where he has worked on testing and evaluation of optics for advanced lithography and optical characterization of nanomaterials. Most recently, he has been involved, both computationally and experimentally, with a variety of metamaterials-related projects for sensing, light shaping and energy-harvesting applications. He has co-authored 2 book chapters and over 100 papers.


IntroductionPreviously, we have reported on a novel class of chalcogenide phase change materials, based on Ge-Sb-Se-Te (GSST) alloys, with excellent infrared transparency from 1.5 to > 10 micron wavelengths. As shown in Fig.... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Vladimir Liberman (MIT Lincoln Lab)
  2. Yifei Zhang (massachusetts institute of technology)
  3. Mikhail Shalaginov (massachusetts institute of technology)
  4. Paul Robinson (MIT Lincoln Lab)
  5. Christopher Roberts (MIT Lincoln Lab)
  6. Myungkoo Kang (University of Central Florida)
  7. Yadav Anupama (University of Central Florida)
  8. Kathleen Richardson (University of Central Florida)
  9. Juejun Hu (massachusetts institute of technology)
  10. Jeffrey Chou (MIT Lincoln Lab)

Topic Areas

Photonic & plasmonic nanomaterials , Optical properties of nanostructures , Metamaterials


OS2a-1 » Metamaterials (14:30 - Tuesday, 2nd October, ROOM 1)

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