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Evaluation of Early Childhood Education in Turkey

Evaluation of Early Childhood Education in Turkey

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Qualified early childhood education are needed for the holistic development of the children's cognitive, linguistic, motor and social-emotional skills and improve them towards their needs, interests and abilities. Even... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Zeynep Fulya Temel (Gazı University)
  2. Ayse Belgin AKSOY (Gazı University)
  3. İlkay Ulutaş (Gazı University)
  4. K. Busra KAYNAK EKICI (Gazı University)
  5. Hurside Kubra Ozkan (Gazı University)

Topic Area

Topics: Curriculum and Assessment


IP 1I » Individual Presentations 1I (16:15 - Thursday, 22nd June, Room 0B)

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