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Croatian Culture and Children's Art

Croatian Culture and Children's Art

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Encouraging and developing the feel for various art tools and materials, developing the skills of mastering various art techniques, encouraging freedom of expression in the children, spontaneous creation using new techniques,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Antonija Balić Šimrak (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Teacher Education)
  2. Snježana Cukrov (Dječji vrtić "Iskrica")
  3. Renata Grdić (Dječji vrtić "Iskrica")
  4. Slavica Laco (Dječji vrtić "Iskrica")
  5. Jasna Lisac (Dječji vrtić "Iskrica")
  6. Dubravka Pandl (Dječji vrtić "Iskrica")
  7. Vesna Stojanovic Hauzer (Dječji vrtić "Iskrica")

Topic Area

Topics: Igra i učenje


PP » Poster Presentation 22nd to 24th of June (15:00 - Thursday, 22nd June, Lobby)

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