Collimating a Free-space Gaussian Beam by means of a Chip-scale Photonic Extreme Mode Converter


Integration of nanophotonics with micromechanical, biological, and chemical systems can miniaturize the reference samples for SI traceable calibration. However, an efficient conversion between photonic modes and free-space... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Alexander Yulaev (NIST/UMD)
  2. Sangsik Kim (Texas Tech University)
  3. Daron Westly (NIST)
  4. Brian Roxworthy (NIST)
  5. Qing Li (NIST/UMD)
  6. Kartik Srinivasan (NIST)
  7. Vladimir Aksyuk (NIST)

Topic Areas

Integrated Photonics , Waveguides


MO-4 » Interfaces & Fabrication Methods (17:00 - Monday, 30th July, Forum Rolex)