Improving the resolution in mask-aligner lithography


For the back-end microfabrication in integrated circuits and for the manufacturing of light emitting diodes, proximity mask-aligner lithography is still the tool of choice, due to its simplicity and low costs. However, the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Andreas Vetter (SUSS MicroOptics SA)
  2. Raoul Kirner (SUSS MicroOptics SA)
  3. Toralf Scharf (EPFL)
  4. Wilfried Noell (SUSS MicroOptics SA)
  5. Carsten Rockstuhl (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
  6. Reinhard Voelkel (SUSS MicroOptics SA)

Topic Areas

Microphotonics , MOEMS Fabrication Technologies


MO-4 » Interfaces & Fabrication Methods (17:00 - Monday, 30th July, Forum Rolex)