Lab on a Smartphone (LOS): A low-cost portable platform for real-time on-site water quality detection


A new concept of Lab on a Smartphone (LOS) is presented, where multiple laboratory functions, e.g. sample preparation and microscopic detection, can be conducted on a portable smartphone. In this study, this LOS concept was... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Si Kuan Thio (National University of Singapore)
  2. Seunguk Lee (National University of Singapore)
  3. Sung Bae (National University of Singapore)
  4. Sung-Yong Park (National University of Singapore)

Topic Areas

Optofluidics , Bio-Medical, Bio-Chemical, and other Optical Sensing Devices


WE-3 » Bioimaging & Scanning (14:30 - Wednesday, 1st August, Forum Rolex)