Beam Deflection with Unidirectionality due to Zeroth Order and Evanescent Wave Coupling in a Photonic Crystal With a Defect Layer Without Corrugations Under Oblique Incidence


Single beam deflection and unidirectionality are observed in a photonic crystal (PC) without surface corrugations, employing a defect layer. These effects are seen even when defect layer is deeply buried. Two types of... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Evrim Colak (Ankara University)
  2. Andriy E Serebryannikov (Adam Mickiewicz University)
  3. Thore Magath (Panasonic Electron Devices Europe GmbH)
  4. Ekmel Ozbay (Bilkent University)

Topic Areas

Nanophotonic Materials , Photonic Crystals


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