Designing, Building & Studying Flash Crowds

Michael Bernstein & Melissa Valentine

Stanford University

Michael Bernstein- Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University, where he is a member of the Human-Computer Interaction group. His research focuses on the design of crowdsourcing and social computing systems. This work has received five Best Paper awards and eleven honorable mentions at premier venues in human-computer interaction and social computing. Michael has been recognized as a Robert N. Noyce Family Faculty Scholar, and awarded the George M. Sprowls award, NSF CAREER Award, and Sloan Fellowship. He holds a bachelor's degree in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University, and a master's and Ph.D. in Computer Science from MIT.

Melissa Valentine- Assistant Professor at Stanford University in the Management Science and Engineering Department, and a core faculty member of the Center for Work, Technology, and Organization. She studies the changing nature of groups and teams in organizations, with a focus on team learning and design. She has conducted multi-method field research in a variety of organizational settings; current projects include team coordination in emergency medical care, synchronized group learning in cancer care, and complex group coordination in online labor markets.


Crowdsourcing is an increasingly powerful method where computation guides many amateurs' efforts in order to recreate an expert's abilities. However, across domains from design to engineering to art, few goals are truly the... [ view full abstract ]


KN-4 » Keynote: Michael Bernstein & Melissa Valentine (09:50 - Monday, 1st August, Auditorium, Spangler Center )