Understanding & Designing for Collective Innovation

Liz Gerber

Northwestern University, Design for America

Associate Professor of Design at Northwestern University, Faculty Founder of Design for America, Co-Founder of the Delta Lab, and Director of the Design Research Cluster. Her research focuses on how technology and organizations fosters collective innovation. She has extensively studied the unique challenges and opportunities for crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, online communities, brainstorming, and prototyping – and provide a strong foundation for designing engaging social environments that promote innovation, learning, and leadership.


Technology enables new forms of organizing to harness and empower diverse ventures to start up and scale however without careful attention to organizational structure, technology’s rapid growth may cripple the broad... [ view full abstract ]


KN-5 » Keynote: Liz Gerber (08:45 - Tuesday, 2nd August, Auditorium, Spangler Center )