Understanding Core Principles of Communities: Shared Mental Models and Transactive Memory Systems as Preconditions for Self-organized Coordination


The integration of external as well as internal users into organizational innovation processes advanced to become one cornerstone within research over the last decades. Especially the investigation on embedded lead-users or... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Florian Andresen (Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg)
  2. Hans Koller (Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg)
  3. Andre Kreutzmann (Helmut-Schmidt-Universit├Ąt)
  4. Benjamin Schulte (Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg)

Topic Area

Communities: User Innovation and Open Source


MMTr1 » Communities: User Innovation & Open Source (Papers) (11:00 - Monday, 1st August, Room 111, Aldrich Hall)



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