Connecting User Innovation, Frugal Innovation and Reverse Innovation: Case of Epson's Eco Tank Printer


Inkjet printers enjoy a large market size in the global industry. According to industry reports, their share stood at 70 million units sold (Japan Patent Office, 2014). The number of units sold is declining these years. The... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Masaharu Tsujimoto (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  2. Taiki Mouri (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  3. Rajnish Tiwari (Hamburg University of Technology)
  4. Cornelius Herstatt (Hamburg University of Technology)

Topic Area

User Innovation and Diffusion


MMTr2 » User Innovation & Diffusion (Papers & Posters) (11:00 - Monday, 1st August, Room 112, Aldrich Hall)



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