Communities of Practice as Loci of Unrecognized Lead Users? A Case Study within the German Federal Armed Forces


Today’s world is characterized by rapid changes of economic framework conditions. Organizations, both private and public, have to create innovative solutions and processes in order to adequately react to a discontinuous and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Andre Kreutzmann (Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg)
  2. Hans Koller (Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg)
  3. Florian Andresen (Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg)
  4. Benjamin Schulte (Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg)

Topic Area

Communities: User Innovation and Open Source


TATr2B » Communities: User Innovation & Open Source (Papers & Posters) (15:45 - Tuesday, 2nd August, Room 112, Aldrich Hall)



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