Improving communication strategies for bats facing white-nose syndrome

Heidi Kretser

Wildlife Conservation Society

Dr. Heidi Kretser is the Deputy Director, Conservation and Communities, for the Wildlife Conservation Society’s North America Program where she has worked in numerous capacities for nearly 20 years. Heidi uses tools and perspectives from the social sciences to incorporate the human dimensions of natural resource policy and management into applied conservation research, planning, and decision-making. Heidi’s current projects include creating effective communication that generates action on topics as varied as white-nose syndrome and wildlife trafficking, devising strategies and guidelines for coexistence of wildlife on private lands in residential and agricultural areas, and building collaborative approaches for increasing community and natural resource governance capacity to achieve conservation outcomes across diverse constituents. In addition to her work at WCS, Heidi serves as Adjunct Associate Professor at Cornell University’s Department of Natural Resources.


Communicating conservation messages for bats affected by white-nose syndrome (WNS) is challenging because bats are a risk-laden species; they carry rabies. Public health agencies have messages about bats with more cautionary... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Heidi Kretser (Wildlife Conservation Society)
  2. Bruce Lauber (Cornell University)
  3. Katherine Mccomas (Cornell University)

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Topics: ONE Health , Topics: Communication and Education


M-1C » Trust, Credibility, and Wildlife Disease (10:00 - Monday, 18th September, Diamond West)

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