Using Policy Goals to Evaluate Large Carnivore Reintroduction: The Case of the Red Wolf Recovery Program on the Albemarle Peninsula, North Carolina

Christopher Serenari

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Christopher is a Human Dimensions Specialist with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. He has been with the agency for three years. His research explores the drivers of long-range and sustainable conservation governance, with special attention paid to rural areas.


Despite being politicized in its early stages, the Red Wolf (Canis rufus) Recovery Program (RWRP) existed for 30 years in eastern North Carolina with little attention paid to the nexus of values, goals, decision-making, legal... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Christopher Serenari (North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission)
  2. David Cobb (North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission)
  3. Deidre Peroff (Wisconsin Sea Grant)

Topic Areas

Topics: Fish and Wildlife Governance (e.g. decentralization, corruption) , Topics: Social-Ecological Systems/Coupled Human-Natural Systems


W-3B » HWC: Recovery and Reintroduction (12:30 - Wednesday, 20th September, Assembly Hall B)

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