Influence of Spatial Scale on Predicting Hunting License Sales

Xiaohan Zhang

Illinois Natural History Survey, University of Illinois

Xiaohan is a PhD candidate in the University of Illinois. She is working with Dr. Craig Miller in the human dimension lab of Illinois Natural History Survey. Her research focuses on exploring factors influencing hunting license sales. She creates license sale models with both statistical and spatial methods. She also investigates difference between rural and urban, and between different spatial scales.


Previous studies showed that many factors influence hunting license sales. Developing descriptive models helps to predict sales of hunting licenses. However, what is not known is if these same predictors behavior in similar... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Xiaohan Zhang (Illinois Natural History Survey, University of Illinois)
  2. Craig A. Miller (Illinois Natural History Survey)

Topic Area

Topics: Hunting and Fishing


W-1C » Demographics of Hunting License Purchases (08:00 - Wednesday, 20th September, Assembly Hall C)

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