Black Bear Hunter Insights from License and Harvest Data

Corey Jager

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

Corey Jager serves as the Human Dimensions Specialist and Legislative Liaison for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. In both roles she focuses on the social and political aspects of fish and wildlife management in Oklahoma. Her work involves understanding hunter and angler interests and integrating stakeholder input into decision and policy-making processes. Corey is a Michigan native, earning her Bachelor's degree in biology from Olivet College and Master's degree in fisheries and wildlife from Michigan State University.


Oklahoma has a small, but growing black bear population, which supports limited hunting opportunities. As the bear population continues to increase and expand, a need to reevaluate management strategies may arise. The bear... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Corey Jager (Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation)

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Topics: Hunting and Fishing


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