Relationships between socioeconomics, vegetation cover, and bird diversity

Stephanie Freeman

Texas Tech University

Stephanie Freeman is a master's student at Texas Tech University in the Department of Natural Resources Management. She received a B.S. in Psychology at the University of Georgia in 2013 and acted as an undergraduate research assistant in the Behavioral and Brain Sciences Program. Following graduation, she worked with various wildlife conservation, wildlife rehabilitation, zoo keeping, and environmental education organizations. Her research interests include human dimensions of wildlife conservation, science education and communication, and sustainable development in developing countries. She is currently studying the relationships between homeowner socioeconomics, vegetation cover, and bird diversity. 


Urbanization is rapidly modifying the earth in extensive and long-lasting ways, making urban ecology an increasingly important field. Ecological indicators are often used to assess current ecosystem conditions, and can act as... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Stephanie Freeman (Texas Tech University)
  2. Gad Perry (Texas Tech University)
  3. Mark Wallace (Texas Tech University)

Topic Areas

Topics: Social-Ecological Systems/Coupled Human-Natural Systems , Topics: Nonconsumptive Use


M-3D » Private Lands Conservation (15:30 - Monday, 18th September, Diamond West)

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