HDgov: Uniting Social Science Resources, Conversations, and Collaboration

Jessica Miles

USGS - CNT Contractor, Fort Collins Science Center

As the Content Manager for HDgov, Jessica is in charge of curating resources and updates throughout the web portal. She joined the HDgov team in 2014 and has helped coordinate the growth and revitalization of HDgov as it expands to meet the needs of professionals working in human dimensions of natural resources.Jessica's background includes a bachelor's degree in Economics, and a master's degree in Tourism Management. In addition to curating HDgov, she supports the Social Economic Analysis Branch at USGS with various writing projects and survey delivery.


HDgov was created to meet the need for sharing social science resources and tools across government agencies, non-government organizations, and with the public. As it grew and gaps in resources were identified, additional... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jessica Miles (USGS - CNT Contractor, Fort Collins Science Center)
  2. Rudy Schuster (USGS, Fort Collins Science Center)
  3. Holly Miller (USGS, Fort Collins Science Center)
  4. Megan Eberhardt Frank (USGS - CNT Contractor, Fort Collins Science Center)
  5. Natalie Sexton (USFWS)
  6. Brad Milley (USFWS)
  7. Joel Berger (USFWS)
  8. Thomas Fish (NPS and CESU Network)
  9. Bret Meldrum (NPS)
  10. Jim Cantrill (Northern Michigan University)
  11. Marilyn TenBrink (EPA)
  12. Fred Clark (US Forest Service)
  13. Jeffery Adkins (NOAA)
  14. Ashley Goldhor-wilcock (US Forest Service)
  15. Valerie Were (NOAA)

Topic Areas

Topics: Engaging with the Public , Topics: Communication and Education , Topics: Discourses about Wildlife


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