Yes, but Over There: Costs, Benefits, and Attitudes toward Rewilding

Elizabeth Hiroyasu

University of California, Santa Barbara

Elizabeth Hiroyasu is a fourth year PhD candidate at the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management. She is interested in the ecology and management of invasive species. Her dissertation work focuses primarily on the population dynamics of invasive species and how human values shape the management of invasive species in the US. Elizabeth can be contacted at


Debates about the rewilding of large carnivores are often centered around questions of who will pay, and how that group compares to the people who will benefit most. Using a survey experiment that examines attitudes toward the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Chris Miljanich (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  2. Sarah Anderson (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  3. Elizabeth Hiroyasu (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  4. Alex DeGolia (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Topic Areas

Topics: Human-Wildlife Conflict , Topics: Discourses about Wildlife


M-2A » Understanding the Connections Between Humans and Wildlife II (13:00 - Monday, 18th September, Assembly Hall A)

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