Exploring New Zealander's perception to novel pest control methods

Edy MacDonald

Department of Conservation

Edy is the Manager of the Social Science team at New Zealand's Department of Conservation. She has a strong background in learning and behaviour change and takes an interdisciplinary approach to her work. Current research projects, in addition to the one she is presenting today, explore encouraging cat owners to bring their cats in at night, increasing compliance rate of hikers cleaning their boots when entering and exiting the New Zealand forest to reduce the spread of disease, and how to activate urban New Zealanders for greater conservation gains. While Edy has lived in New Zealand for 15 years, she is originally from Oakland, CA> 


New Zealand has the ambitious goal to be predator free by 2050, eradicating invasive species such as rats, stoats, possums, and wasps. Current control methods will not be sufficient to achieve this goal and success will rely... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Edy MacDonald (Department of Conservation)
  2. Wokje Abrahamse (Victoria University of Wellington)
  3. Eric Edwards (Department of Conservation)
  4. Bob Frame (Landcare Research)
  5. Alison Greenaway (Landcare Research)
  6. Robyn Kannemeyer (Landcare Research)
  7. Fabien Medvecky (University of Otago)
  8. Taciano Milfont (Victoria University of Wellington)
  9. James Russell (University of Auckland)
  10. Dan Tompkins (Landcare Research)

Topic Areas

Topics: Wildlife Trafficking/Demand Reduction , Topics: Invasive Species , Topics: Cognitive Research (Values, Attitudes, Behaviors)


W-1D » Invasive Species (08:00 - Wednesday, 20th September, Diamond West)

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