Children's birth right: Building connections with nature

Louise Chawla

University of Colorado- Boulder

Louise Chawla is Professor Emerita in the Environmental Design Program at the University of Colorado Boulder. She remains actively involved with the Community Engagement, Design and Research Center in the design program, which she helped establish. Dr. Chawla has published widely on the subjects of children and nature, children in cities, and the development of committed action for the environment. Victoria Derr is an Assistant Professor in the School of Natural Sciences at California State University Monterey Bay. She completed her Masters and Ph.D. in the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale, working closely with Steve Kellert for 8 years. She has published many articles and book chapters on relationships between people and places, with a primary focus on children, youth and their environments.


This presentation will review Steve Kellert's extended commitment to understanding and enlarging young people's opportunities to connect with the natural world: from his early work on children's attitudes toward wildlife,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Louise Chawla (University of Colorado- Boulder)
  2. Victoria Derr (California State University Monterey Bay)

Topic Area

Topics: Cognitive Research (Values, Attitudes, Behaviors)


M-1A » Understanding the Connections Between Humans and Wildlife I (10:00 - Monday, 18th September, Assembly Hall A)

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