Instructor cliques: A double-edged sword for hunter education?

William Siemer

Cornell University

William (Bill) Siemer is a Research Associate in the Human Dimensions Research Unit, Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University. Bill has conducted research on a broad range of concepts and management issues, including wildlife-related activity involvement, wildlife damage management, and community-based deer management.   Bill holds wildlife and natural resource management degrees from the University of Missouri, Michigan State University, and Cornell University.  He is a Certified Wildlife Biologist and Co-Editor of Human Dimensions of Wildlife Management, published by The Johns Hopkins University Press.    


Most states depend upon volunteer instructors working in small teams to deliver sportsman education (SE) classes. Although meeting demand for SE hinges on this volunteer base, little research has focused on instructor... [ view full abstract ]


  1. William Siemer (Cornell University)
  2. Michael Quartuch (Colorado Parks & Wildlife)
  3. Daniel Decker (Cornell University)
  4. Richard Stedman (Cornell University)

Topic Area

Topics: Hunting and Fishing


T-1A » Hunter and Angler Satisfaction and Motivation (08:00 - Tuesday, 19th September, Assembly Hall A)

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