Comparing Alternative Survey Methodologies for Human Dimensions Research

Andrew Don Carlos

Colorado State University

Andrew W. Don Carlos is a Research Associate in the Department of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources at Colorado State University. His research, teaching, and outreach efforts are focused on the application of social science to inform natural resource management, with a particular emphasis on human interactions with wildlife. Andrew is the Project Manager for the CSU-led America's Wildlife Values project and a co-investigator for a multi-disciplinary study of human-coyote conflict in Colorado’s Denver Metropolitan Area. He recently served as a co-leader for a forest and wildlife management capacity building program developed in collaboration with the Wildlife Institute of India. Andrew has collaborated on past human dimensions research and outreach initiatives with a variety of local, state, federal, and international conservation organizations. He received a M.S. in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources from Colorado State University and a B.S. in Geography and Natural Resources from the University of Minnesota.


Household surveys are one of the most commonly used methodologies in human dimensions research. More broadly, large-scale public surveys have played a foundational role in modern social science and their use has increased... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Andrew Don Carlos (Colorado State University)
  2. Tara Teel (Colorado State University)
  3. Michael Manfredo (Colorado State University)

Topic Areas

Topics: Cognitive Research (Values, Attitudes, Behaviors) , Topics: Improving HDFW Science


T-2A » Wildlife Value Orientations (10:00 - Tuesday, 19th September, Assembly Hall A)

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