Evaluating Conservation and Development Impacts of Serengeti National Park

Dennis Rentsch

Lincoln Park Zoo

Dennis has worked in the Serengeti ecosystem for over 12 years, first as a doctoral student with the University of Minnesota, where he looked at socio-economic drivers for bushmeat hunting. He later worked as manager of Frankfurt Zoological Society’s Serengeti Ecosystem Management office, based in Serengeti. There he worked closely with local staff and partners throughout the ecosystem. He managed a number of conservation initiatives aimed at reducing threats to the Serengeti ecosystem through empowering local communities to actively engage and benefit from wildlife conservation. In his current role as Serengeti Research Scientist at Lincoln Park Zoo, Dennis works closely with protected area managers and local communities to ensure that management decisions and conservation strategies are based on scientific evidence.


National Parks often have multiple stated objectives to fulfill: protecting wildlife, providing safe and attractive tourist destinations, and supporting economic development of surrounding communities. Lately, with increasing... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Dennis Rentsch (Lincoln Park Zoo)
  2. Nuhu Daniel (Tanzania National Parks)
  3. Jennifer Schmitt (University of Minnesota)
  4. Loiruck Naiman (Frankfurt Zoological Society)
  5. Abubakari Munna (Frankfurt Zoological Society)

Topic Areas

Topics: Human-Wildlife Conflict , Topics: Community-Based Conservation , Topics: Conservation Planning and Evaluation


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